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Alexey Beloglazov

Full Stack Web Developer.

About Me

My name is Alexey Beloglazov. I'm from Belarus, I'm 28 years old, married. I have higher technical education (programmer-mathematician). My timezone GMT+3.

My native language it's Russian, also I know English at Intermediate level.

I working at App Guard GmbH and I not looking for more work.

About what I do

I have more than 7 years experience in the develop websites and the strong skills in each step of creating web-project: creating the HTML-layout, integration of the HTML-layout to CMS or framework, deploying the site into a production environment and organizing support.

I always try to investigate new approaches, frameworks and other stuff to keep up with modern technology.

I'm not looking for work

What I can do

I want to use my knowledge to do the work with maximum quality and quickly.

Web-application Development

I do various web-applications: backend applications, frontend applications, API services, integration with different services. Every application usually done such way that it could be easily change and extend. If necessary code is covered by tests.

Detail list of web-technologies which I use placed there.

Creating HTML Layouts

I do html layouts any level of difficulty of the PSD files and of mockups. If necessary I make the responsive layouts for good work on all screens. For create layouts basically I use various CSS frameworks.

Detail list of CSS libraries which I use placed there.

Organize the deployment process

For every web-application I use git as revision control system and do continuous integration of deployment process. Every release of application will automatically built after some predefined event and passing of all tests. It ensures stability and ease of creating new builds.

Detail list of deployment-services which I use placed there.


Infrastructure Administration

As solution for placing of web-applications I often use ready-made solutions: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and other. It allows in short time do powerful and scalable infrastructure for an any application.

Besides I have an experience in work with virtual hostings and VDS based on Debian.

Fun facts

Look the fun facts about me, it is the complete truth.

projects done

hours worked

lines of code

cups of coffee


Which advantages you will have while working with me?

Quality of work

I make a high-quality and stable code due to my experience. Your application just will work. Yet if any problems will are found then I will fix them in priority order.

Good reputation

I have been working more 7 years and all this time my clients were happy to work with me. You can be sure that in future it will not change because I value my reputation.

Fast support

I'm online almost everyday more that 8 hours and always solve any issues of my clients as soon as possible. If I will be absent a long time I always report in advance.

Do you like my advantages?

I want to use my knowledge to do the work with maximum quality and quickly.

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My Experience

I have more than 7 years of work on real projects of various customers, learn about my experience below.

Jul. 2018

App Guard GmbH

Lead Developer

I smoothly changed Bright Solutions to App Guard GmbH company. And now I work on the great product Codario. "Codario" it is the update management solution for automation and quality assurance for package managers. We are supporting only Composer and NPM, but in the future will be added support for other package managers.

Go to the website "App Guard GmbH".

Aug. 2016

Bright Solutions

Backend Web Developer

I joined to "Bright Solution" as role of Senior Developer and my main goal is: develop and support Drop Guard project. "Drop Guard" it is the update management solution for automation and quality assurance for Drupal CMS.

Besides there I began work with Drupal on more professional level, continue improve my skills in the backend development and get of new knowledge and experience from my colleagues.

Go to the website "Bright Solutions".

Aug. 2013


Web Developer

I started my career in "Neoviso" company and gained there my first experience in knowledge regarding lifecycle of project development, learned basic workflow when working with real projects of customers, began work in the team and a lot other stuff. Of course I continued to improve my knowledge in web-programming area.

While working there I took part in development more than 40 projects of american, german, israeli and russian customers in different spheres.

Go to the website "Neoviso".

Jul 2013


Faculty of Mathematics

I graduated the "Gomel State University named of Francisk Scaryna" on specialization "mathematician-programmer".

While studying there I learned a lot in different areas of math: probability theory, discrete math, mathematical analysis, function analysis, differential analysis, equations of mathematical physics, theoretical mechanics and other.

Of course I got also great practice in programming: theory of algorithms, theory of data structures, theory of object-oriented programming, theory of databases, theory of cryptology and other. Besides I learned the following languages: Pascal, C, C++, Assembler and Java.

My powerful skills

Learn my powerful skills and let's begin work together! Below listed all languages, frameworks, libraries and technologies with which I had worked. Of course I worked and with other stuff, but less than with these.




























Docker Swarm


CI & CD Concepts




If my skills and experience are interesting for you, just contact me.

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Here you can find me. I'd like to hear from you all. You can ask me about anything or buy me coffee.

My Place

Belarus, Gomel

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